FRIDAY,JULY 19, 2024
Helen's Message for today


As I was going through some messages from a few years ago this message came up. I feel in light of what is going on in the political scene that this message should be used again today. Remember, this message was from January 2021, almost four years ago. God will not allow any man or woman to receive his glory. We cannot elevate a man even though we may not like his opposing political party without God being grieved.


As I write this, there is a new “unduly elected” administration in Washington, D.C. There was so much evidence of fraud all across our nation, yet here we are with a “puppet” President. It is evident that this person has no ability to lead this nation but was put at the helm through manipulation from the “dark side” with their diabolical plan that brought it to this.

Many have asked, how could God allow this?What about the prophetic words that have rung across our nation? Were they from God or not? With all the intercession how did this happen? Many are believing that it isn’t over and that the “man that made America great” again will step back up to the plate with evidence and once again take the helm.

Have you ever considered that the sin in this country has brought it to its knees? Have you ever considered that the states that have legislated full term and after birth abortion have brought our country to its knees? Have you ever considered that the human trafficking, (America is the worst for this abomination) has brought America to its knees? Have you ever considered that a virus that was unleashed all over the world has brought us to our knees? Have you ever considered that God said enough was enough and has allowed judgment to come?

Jeremiah was a prophet that spoke to the nation of Israel telling them to repent from their idolatry, but God told him even in so doing, the people would not repent. They were a stiff-necked people. Yes, Jeremiah, Daniel, Nehemiah, Ezra that preached repentance and others were righteous prophets, but because of the idolatry of Israel they were taken into captivity for years as a result of judgment on the nation of Israel. They suffered because of the sins of the nation.

After their Babylonian captivity they were given another chance. Did it last? No. God allowed the Roman government to come in and persecuted the Christians with the killing of thousands. The nation of Israel was scattered throughout the world. It wasn’t until 1948 that they once again had a homeland. They have been brought back for such a time as this.

God is putting together the final act before the return of his Son, Jesus Christ. He is allowing what is going on to turn people back to him. There must be godly sorrow over sin, then repentance, then mercy, then restoration. Am I seeing godly sorrow over the national sin? I see a remnant that has stood against it, but a nation that has not repented. I may be totally wrong, but I believe everything that is happening is God’s way of trying to bring us to our knees as a NATION to repent.

Will it happen? In my heart, I do not see it happening. I see a rebellious world that has turned its back on God, setting things up for the Antichrist, who will soon come on the scene. Oh, he will first of all bring peace, but then he will show his true colors, which are the colors of death and destruction.

I pray that those that call themselves Christian but have gone the way of the world and its spirit of Baal to dominate them, will repent and turn back to God. Repent of the sins that have reached the nostrils of God and then be light in the darkness. It will grow darker and darker before the Lord’s return my friends, but it is our opportunity to be a Daniel and a Jeremiah; to stand for truth and share the love of God with a world polluted with sin. I suggest we do it while we can, wherever we can, and with whomever we can before it is too late.

Yes, judgment is here, and we have a rough road ahead of us, but those that shine for Jesus in this time will receive great reward, in spite of the darkness. 


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