Helen's Message for today


Does Satan ever whisper in your ear that you are a failure? Does he remind you of all the mistakes you have made in your life? Does he say you aren’t any kind of Christian because of your past sins? Ah, yes, he does that. He is the great accuser of the brethren. He is the destroyer of faith, and robs us of our peace, health, and finances.

There is no one that has not failed in this life my friends, because we all are born with a sinful nature. Even after receiving salvation through Jesus Christ, we still fail. Satan will lie and tell us that God does not love us anymore. This is an absolute lie. God hates sin, but he loves the sinner. If this is not true, then Jesus did not die for you or me.

Yes, my friend, while we were sinners Christ died for us!

Now, we have a choice. We can accept God’s free gift of salvation and make the decision to be led by the Spirit of God, or we deny his gift, and live a continuous sinful defeated life led by our own sin sick nature.

John 14:26 tells us we have an advocate, a comforter. 1 John 1:9 says if we confess our sins, which really means own up to them, and admit them to God, and ask for forgiveness, He immediately cleanses us of our sin.

He does not ask for penance, or payment for the sin, because Jesus already paid for all sin. He calls us to repentance.

Sure, it hurts God when we fail, but like any “loving” Father, he is there to restore us, not destroy us. Do not believe Satan’s lies my friends. He is a deceiver. God wants us to receive forgiveness just as badly as you need to ask for it.

Do not let a day go by without the cleansing of your sin. Let God wash it away and begin anew. Yes, we were “failures,” but God makes us more than conquerors. Walk in his love and forgiveness. There is no better way to enjoy life!