SATURDAY, MAY 18, 2024
Helen's Message for today


So often we think of Jesus and His death on the cross as a piece of history. Yes, it happened long ago, but it is still relevant for today.

The blood shed on that cross is for NOW. It still saves the vilest sinner and keeps the ones that are saved. It cries out for mercy instead of vengeance.

We, as sinners, do not have a minute chance of mercy without the blood of Jesus applied to our sin. Have your sins been covered with Jesus’ blood? Has your sin debt been paid by the precious shed blood of our wonderful Savior? If not, the only thing that keeps it from happening is you.

You are the one that must make the decision to stay the way you are or receive mercy and salvation through the blood of Jesus. Perhaps you think God will not forgive you for the mess you have made of your life, but we all have made a mess of our life in one way or another.

When you repent of your sin and invite Jesus as your Lord and Savior, his incorruptible seed transforms you from the inside out. Your spirit now is alive toward the things of God, and your life will never be the same.

If you have not given your life to God, today is the day of salvation. Do not put it off. Make the right choice today! He is waiting to transform you. Remember, that His blood still cries out for mercy for you and me!