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February 27, 2020
Helen Sanders

With everything that is going on in the world with catastrophic storms, flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes, plagues and more, it is obvious that the earth is under judgment for sin. In the days of Noah God spoke to one man to build an ark. He told Noah that destruction was going to come. It took a long time to build. During that time, Noah, the one righteous man, had to have shared what was going to happen with the multitudes. I mean, come on now there was a big ark – it’s not like no one saw it! There hadn’t been any rain before the flood came either. Mist came up from the ground and watered the earth. No rain, no flood, yet that is what Noah told them was coming. He preached, yet in spite of this only 8 persons went into the ark, then, God shut the door, not Noah. How sad! No one but Noah’s family were saved! Multitudes are dying every day without the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Cults are on the rise, because mankind is searching for answers, but the average Church is shrinking instead of growing. Building upon building is erected for these false cults, but the average Pastor that is teaching truth struggles with finances and help to share the vision God has given him or her. The gospel has been watered down in many cases with those in leadership dressing and looking just like the rest of the world. The world has crept into the Church in every aspect. In the city I live in many Pastors have fallen into the sin of adultery. Many preach a “user friendly” gospel so they don’t offend anyone. My friends, the gospel does offend! It cuts to the heart and divides spirit and soul according to the scriptures. The word of God is a sword that pierces. If repentance isn’t preached then there will be no change in a sinner’s life. Unless there is repentance first in the house of God, our country and the rest of the world will soon be destroyed by the spirit of antichrist, which is very much alive. What are you doing to make a difference? Are you witnessing to your friends, children, neighbors, co-workers? When we stand before God will we be empty handed, or will we be rewarded for our faithfulness? I think many are deceived into believing that they are okay when they aren’t. Search your hearts and make a decision to be rekindled with the flame of God to burn brightly for Jesus while we can. Many have prophesied that there is an end time revival coming, but it will only happen if judgment comes first; then godly sorrow for our sin; then repentance; then mercy, then restoration. I am not a doom and gloom prophet of God. I want to see revival, but if there isn’t any passion in the pulpit or pew, then God will bring judgment. It is time to get our spiritual house in order! 

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