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The world celebrates St. Patrick’s Day on March 17. According to his own writings he was kidnapped as a child and taken to Ireland, where he eventually found salvation. He left Ireland and studied to become a priest, and then went back to Ireland to bring them the gospel. Ireland thinks of him as their patron saint. So, what do Christians have to do with this holiday?

First of all, we are to worship God, and not saints. Many people have been revered because religious organizations have tested them by their works and nominated them for sainthood. This is not scriptural, because anyone that is born again is called a saint, which means morally blameless or consecrated to the Lord. No one obtains sainthood through their “works”. We are saved by grace, which is totally different than works. Works follow salvation, but do not bring us salvation. Salvation comes only through the receiving of Jesus Christ as Savior, and through repenting of your sin. Then, you are part of the body of Christ, and considered a saint.

This day as a holiday, will bring rivers full of beer, and streets painted green. There will be much raucous behavior, and plenty of people drunk. What does this kind of behavior have to do with being a man or woman of God? Absolutely nothing.

I personally think if Saint Patrick knew how people were behaving in his honor he would be very disappointed. Why would anyone that was called out of darkness want to revert back to this behavior? It happens for two reasons. Either they are ignorant of what the word says or they are deliberately choosing to live a carnal-Christian life. Let us be examples to a lost world that there is something better to offer them than the ways of the world. If we are to remember St. Patrick, then let’s remember he went to Ireland to tell them about salvation, and bring them out of darkness. There are souls still in darkness waiting to hear this everywhere. Let us be the saints that God has called us to be and be about the Father’s business, and bring those lost and in darkness into the family of God while we still can!