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January 12, 2020

Helen Sanders
Prophetic Word
January 12, 2020

For now is the hour saith the Lord. Now is the hour to listen more than you have ever listened. For there are many voices speaking and many are leaning unto their own understanding. Yes, there is much confusion in the air, and only those that hear and listen to my voice will be led in the path that is a sure path. For there are many voices speaking this day that would be contrary one to the other. Have I not said to trust in me from your inner being and lean not unto the voice of the mind saith the Lord. For the mind is easily swayed by the voices that are speaking peace and safety, while the voice of the spirit would say come to me and find rest. For yes there is a wind blowing that will usher in many things saith the Lord. There is destruction and judgment in the wind, but I would say that it has to come to satisfy the payment for sin. My judgment will bring about a turning, yes, a turning back to me. There is an hour very soon that this will happen, for I would say don’t look with your natural eye, for there are forces that are beyond your comprehension at work even in this hour. I am adjusting the wind to bring exactly what is necessary to bring your nation to its knees. Yes, that is where it must come. That is where it will cry out to me and receive forgivenesss. Do not pray against this wind saith the Lord, for you would be fighting me. I am in this wind and it shall surely blow. Many things will topple through the blowing of this wind, for only those that are anchored in the solid rock can withstand this wind. It is blowing hard, and it will produce what I will it to produce. So my child hide yourself in the cleft of the rock, knowing that there is safety there. Hide yourself in me and know that peace is there. Hide yourself in the arms of the ancient of days. Embrace me for I will carry you through this time, but I would say do not fear, for this is all part of my plan. There will be great cities fall in one hour. The sin of those cities has come into my nostrils and has caused me to say, you think you can stand in this sin? I would say, I will bring you to your knees. I will have the final word, and justice shall be served. I would say there are mountains that will fall down and many lives will be destroyed, and you would say surely we are safe in the mountains, but they shall melt in one hour and the safety will be gone. There is only safety in me saith the Lord. Many would rise himself up and say nothing can touch me, but I will bring him down in one hour saith the Lord, for I have the last word. Yes, my children, the time of justice is at hand, so spend time with me to hear what I would say and know that of a certainty that in me you will find your safety. There will be great loss soon, but those that spend time with me will be spared saith the Lord. 

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