Prophetic Word

As given to Helen Sanders

November 24, 2018


Rise up, rise up, rise up saith the Lord.  For this is not the hour to be complacent.  This is not the hour to sit back and watch.  This is the hour of repentance, and fasting and weeping saith the Lord, for there is about to be great change saith the Lord.  This is the hour that the enemy would like to overtake you and trample you down.  This is the hour that you must rise up, and put on the whole armour of God and take the sword of the spirit which is the word of God and fight the fight of faith.  You must be prepared for this hour saith the Lord.  Yet many have been complacent in their walk and have sat back and not done what I have led them to do.  They are the ones in the valley of dry bones.  They are the ones with the dry spirits, and dead works.  Yes, they are they ones.  Do not let this time be a time of complacency for there will be soon a time of darkness like no other.  There will be a swift change and many will be caught off guard as the enemy sweeps through your land, your businesses, your homes, and you!  Do not be complacent.  Rise up and take your places as warriors for the most high.  I have declared that this is not a time to be complacent.  You must come into my war room and get your assignment and prepare yourself for this time.  It is not a time of ease.  It is not a time of reluctance.  It is a time to take all that you have learned and put it into action.  Come into my war room and learn your assignment this very hour.  Take this time to prepare yourself in spirit, soul, and body for there will be a shaking like never before.  It will shake everything to the very core and all that will be left standing will be those that have fully trusted in me.  Cast aside every weight of distraction that would keep you from being focused on me saith the Lord.  Cast aside all doubt and fear.  Cast aside all wrongly motivated plans and concentrate on me and my assignment for this hour.  Much terror is about to break forth and you must be ready.  Do not make your decisions based on your circumstances but base your decisions on the leading of my Spirit.  Yes there will be gross darkness but this is the time for you to rise and shine and let the glory of God be upon you to bring many out of darkness.  You must, again I say must, rise up in my power and strength and go forth and do the assignment that I have called you to do.  Do not look at the circumstances before you arise.  Listen like you have never listened before and know that I am with you in this hour.  I am with you to take you through this hour.  Many lives shall be destroyed because they did not take heed and listen, but you my child,  I have confidence in that you will listen and be spared of those things on the horizon.  Listen, listen, listen, and rise up and go forth in my power saith the Lord.  You will overcome!

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