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Ephesians 2:18, “For through Him (Jesus) we (Jew and Gentile) both have access by one (Holy) Spirit unto the Father.”

The Heavenly Father, by His grace (undeserved favor), has forgiven us of sin because of Jesus’ pure and innocent blood sacrifice. Holy Spirit convicts us of sin and draws us to the father. As we repent and take Jesus as our redeemer and Savior, the Holy Spirit places us (baptizes) into the body of Christ.

As a believer, the Holy Spirit then becomes our advocate with the Father through Jesus. Holy Spirit is our paraclete (Greek: parakletos) which means: a friend, advocate, or comforter; one called to aid.

We can talk to Holy Spirit. He is our friend. He is real and He hears us and responds accordingly. Most believers do not understand that you can talk to Holy Spirit “in plain English” like to another person. After all, he is a PERSON, of the Triune Godhead. For example, sometimes  I am looking for an item which I cannot find. I seem to exhaust every venue, looking over and over everywhere. Finally, I ask Holy Spirit to show me where it is. In a moment or two, He leads me right to it.

When you ask something of the Father (in Jesus’ name), it is Holy Spirit who comes to your aid as your advocate. Holy Spirit is your friend, your comforter, your advocate, your counselor, and your guide. Talk to Him as a friend and helper.

I even tell him how much I cherish Him as a friend. “Holy Spirit, I cherish and appreciate you, my friend.” 

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