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Yesterday we looked at our physical body as the temple or “holy dwelling place” of God, the Holy Spirit (I Cor. 6:19), who brings the life and light of Christ into our being and makes us one with the godhead. Our bodies are therefore a “holy temple unto God,” and we must take care of it as such. Yet, so many believers abuse their bodies in various ways as if it were “theirs” to choose. I Cor 6:20 says that it is not true, it is deception, because your body belongs to God, not to yourself. Abusing your body is abusing god’s holy temple. Do you really want to “answer to Him” for that abuse on judgement day?

There are various ways we abuse our bodies, but we will look at just four of them in this series. The first is gluttony. The Jews of Jesus’ time considered gluttony to be a great sin. The Old Testament scriptures even spoke of stoning to death a young man for his rebellion of being a glutton and winebibber (Deut 21:20). Proverbs 23:2 speaks of ”…rioutous eaters of flesh…the glutton shall come to poverty.”

In Matt. 11:19 and Luke 7:34 Jesus mentions how his critics, the Pharisees, accuse him of being a glutton for eating with sinners. They were too proud and haughty to eat with (or be “caught dead”) with sinners who did not meet their legalistic religious standards. Although Jesus was not a glutton, it was the only kind of so-called “sin” of which they could accuse him.

Definition of glutton: a greedy eater; person who eats too much; one who never seems to get enough of something.

It is a habitual behavior, not just occasional. It is rude. It is unhealthy. It can lead to obesity sooner or later. When obesity results, that in itself, opens up a multitude of health problems including diabetes. It can harm your spinal column, hence, your nerves. It causes various health problems over a period of time. Gluttony is essentially an addiction, and no addiction of any kind is good. A glutton over-stuffs himself nearly every time he eats.

It is not a proper way to honor and guard and protect God’s “holy temple,” your body by being a glutton.