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What is God’s heart? The scriptures tell us. In Luke 19:10 it says “for the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.”

One lost soul added to the Kingdom of God would have been worth all Jesus’ blood that was shed. I cannot imagine sacrificing my son to save the entire human race, but that is what Father God did. This shows love beyond anything our human minds can comprehend. This is God’s heart.

We all want to see revival. Did you know that it can start with you? Yes, my friend, one person sharing their testimony with another is the best way to win the lost. Can you imagine how fast a Church would grow? If there were two people in Church and each led one person to Christ, and then those four did the same, and those eight did the same and those sixteen did the same, it would not take long before every seat was filled. If the numbers doubled every week in just 8 weeks there would be over 200 people added to Church.

It is not a job just for your Pastor, or an Evangelist to do. It is the assignment of every Christian to share their faith. We are to be light in a dark world. Two little lights can become 252 in 8 weeks if everyone did their part to win one person a week. Think how many people would not spend eternity apart from the Lord if we did this. In reality, it may not happen in eight weeks, but if we made it our goal to share our faith every day with someone, by next year, we could make a difference in our community.

Time may be short to share our faith openly. There is so much fear in people right now due to the uncertainty that is happening in our country. We have the perfect opportunity right now to share with lost loved ones and acquaintances how knowing Jesus as Savior through this crisis will make a difference. Now is the time, and today is the day of salvation. Don’t put off sharing your faith before it is too late. People are waiting to hear the good news that Jesus loves them. When you know God’s heart, and decide that it is the only thing that matters, then God’s heart becomes your heart.

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