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The “Roman Road” is a term applied to a group of verses in the Book of Romans. It is often used in personal witnessing to lead a sinner to a salvation experience with Jesus Christ. One of those verses is Romans 5:8 which says (KJV) “But God commendeth (demonstrates or exhibits) His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

God did not wait to see how many would respond to His “offering” to sacrifice His only begotten Son. He was doing this for you, even when you would not have been born for hundreds of years. It proves His love for all mankind, the good, the bad, and the indifferent alike. John 3:16 said, “For God so loved the world…”

He demonstrated (commended) His love although it was painful to do so. God wants us to reciprocate with love…love for Him, love for your “neighbor,” love for all people regardless of who they are or what they are like or what they believe. In fact, Jesus gave a commandment (John 13:34) “that you love one another, as I have loved you…”

God’s love is unconditional. It does not depend upon our behavior, nor our response to Him, or anything else. It does not mean that He approves of what you may do (He hates sin) but that does not keep Him from loving you. You are dear (precious) to Him. He loves even the most unlovely. He loves the ones who cannot even stand themselves, or who do not love their own life. Receive God’s love. Receive Jesus’ love for you. Don’t question it. Just believe it and accept it as a fact. 

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