September 9, 2019

Prophetic word as given to Helen Sanders


Rise up, rise up saith the lord, for I would say to you that your days of mourning are over.  Take off the sackcloth and put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.  I have gone before you to make a way that no one else can make.  I am opening doors that no man can shut.  I have shut doors that no man can open.  I would say that you have slain the calves on my altar,  and now it is time to go full speed forward with the anointing that I have placed on you for this hour.  For surely saith the Lord, your days of mourning are over.  You have been raised up out of the muck and miry clay and I have set you upon a solid rock.  You shall see signs and wonders follow you for I am with you saith the Lord.  Look not to man for your supply for I alone am your supply.  Look not to man for your strength and joy for I alone am your strength and joy.  I have formed you in your mother’s womb for such a time as this, and you  have been birthed for this hour.  For I will take you to a new level of anointing and you shall surely say look what the Lord has done.  Do not look upon men to receive any praise for the praise only comes from me.  You and you alone will know that it is I saith the Lord, for even though many have given you a word, they were not all of me saith the Lord, for I am the one speaking to you now.  I am the one that has quieted your spirit, and have placed within you the desires of your heart.  I am about to bring you across the red sea into a promised land which is full of milk and honey.  You shall say my Lord,  look what the Lord has done, and I shall say yes my child,  it is me because of your faithfulness to follow.  There will be giants in this new place, but I would say as surely as I said to Joshua, fear not, for I am with you.  Be strong in me my child and the power of my strength.  Lean not unto your own understanding, for I am doing a new and mighty thing that will require you to sit at my feet and listen as never before.  You shall bring in a harvest that you have never seen as you go forth in my power and my anointing.  Do not listen to the cohersive words of the enemy for they would distract you and get you off track.  Do not listen to the honey dripping from false prophets’ lips for they would distract you and get you off track.  Listen only to me and you will be blessed my child.  So now rise up, shake off the ashes and sackcloth and go forth in my strength saith the Lord. 


une 20, 2019
Prophetic Word
As given to Helen Sanders
Rise up! Rise up! Rise Up!

For I would say unto you that this is not the hour to lay back and do nothing. This is the hour that you have been waiting for. Your preparation period is over and it is time for you to rise up and take back what the enemy has stolen from you. It is the hour to put on the whole armor of God and go forth into battle. For the enemy is pressing in on all sides but I say rise up and see what the Lord will do for you. For surely you shall see the hand of God move and bring forth victory. You have been prepared for such a time as this, and you are more than able to go forth in my power and see the enemy defeated. You will take the sword of the spirit which is the word of God and you shall surely use it against the enemy. For have I not said that my Word shall go forth and accomplish what it is purposed to do? Have I not said that the weapons of your warfare are not fleshly but they are mighty through me. Yes, my child this is not the time to sit back. This is the time to rise up and be all that you have been prepared to be. You are more than able to rise up and be the mighty warrior that I have made you to be. No, it is not in the arm of the flesh. This is not man’s work. This is my work in you--- Christ in you, the hope of glory. For yes, indeed you shall surely see the victory. Yes, indeed, you shall see the hand of God move and your enemies slain. Yes indeed you shall see what has been stolen brought back. For you have been equipped to do this in this hour. You shall stand tall, and you shall rejoice at the news that you have won this battle. For the days ahead will require more and more out of my children. They are a mighty army that have been held back by their own doubts and fears, but as they yield to my leading and rise up they shall surely come together to take back what has been stolen. There are dark days ahead, but the flame of my fire in you will burn brightly. You shall surely see my hand recover what has been stolen. Many lives are depending upon your obedience to rise up. Yes, you are weary, but have I not said be not weary in well doing for you shall reap if you faint not? This is your time of reaping. This is your time of victory. You must see it my child. For yes, it is here. You shall see full recovery. You shall see that what you have gone through is not in vain, for it has strengthened you to do what you must do today. So rise up, shake off all the past, and go forth prepared to bring in many victories. For you were chosen for such a time as this saith the Lord of hosts!
#yourvictoryisat hand

Prophetic Word

As given to Helen Sanders




 Yes, A FRESH Move.  I am blowing upon all things that have been secure in me and will release a powerful anointing to finish the work that I would have you to do.  The wind will bring in waves of healing and waves of financial victory to those that have pressed in to my promises.  I would say the wind will bring in a harvest, but it will be a quick move.  It will be a short-lived move.  I will bring my wind into every area of your lives.  I will breathe health into you.   I will breathe joy into you.  I will breathe peace and safety into you.  I will bring the desires of your heart to a climax and you shall see a great turn around.  For yes, you have held fast to the things that I have asked you to do, and have not wavered in your faith.  You have held strong to my promises and fought the fight of faith when others mocked and scorned you.  Yes, you have stood firm in the midst of trials and adversity even from those of your own household, but you did not waiver.  I would say to you that it has not been in vain.  Receive my breath now.  The very resurrection power of breath is being blown upon you now, so inhale it, and be refreshed my children for there is yet a great work to do, and you need this breath for strength in the hours ahead.  For while I blow this breath into you, I will also blow upon the kingdoms of this world to shake them, and bring them down, for they are not of me that stand up and proudly boast that they do not need me.  For they shall surely see the results of their indignation, and they shall mourn for the great loss that is about to come.  When  this happens, you shall glean from their spoil, and you shall rise up in my power, and you shall take back what rightfully belongs to you.  For the hour has come that the breath of God shall go forth and blow apart kingdoms not built on the rock.  It shall blow apart those that have mocked and scorned and it shall not be held back.  For there is a mighty move about to take place that will bring fear on many, but do not fear my child, for I am in this move and you shall stand and see the glory of God manifested in your lives and those that are walking in my divine will.  Order will come and there shall be a turn around like you have never seen before.  Hold on to me through this time, do not waiver, for I shall surely sustain you in this hour saith the Lord.

Prophetic Word
As given to Helen Sanders
April 20, 2016

You would ask is this the time, and I would say that time is in my hands. I am preparing and I am implementing what will come to my earth soon. For nation will rise against nation, and there shall be floods, and earthquakes, there shall be pestilence and violence like you have never seen before. I am bringing the shaking and the fires to my earth, and I will see to it that all things are purified. There is a great shaking going on, have I not told you that? Why would you be surprised to see these things happening? I am in the shaking saith the Lord, and I will see things shaken until they cannot be shaken anymore. You shall see things come to dust that stood tall, and you shall see things become tall that many took for dust. You will see these things with your eyes, and my word shall be carried out. I am preparing and I am in the times. I shall say it again, I am preparing and I am in the times. These events are being played out on my schedule, and not on man's time frame. You are seeing things as prophesied of old, and yes, they shall surely come to pass before that great and terrible day of the Lord. Things are changing rapidly, and they shall surely speed up saith the Lord, you will see these things change, and you will tell others of the magnitude of my power, for nothing can stop the shaking, for I have declared it, and I have spoken, and it shall surely come to pass. Your nation has crossed over the threshold of its destiny, and you shall see it fall, and then from the dust there will be a rising, and there are many that will stay the course, but there are many who have called me Lord that shall perish. For I test the heart, and the heart that stays the course is the heart that is mine saith the Lord. It will not be the ones that have said it in their minds, but have never received it into their hearts. Those that are of my heart desire to change, and they are the ones that shall see these things through, just as the days where the three went into the fiery furnace and received no smoke or burning on them, the same thing shall happen to those of my heart. They shall be in the fire but not be burned. They shall not smell of smoke. But these three spent time with me, and did not compromise. They did not love their lives unto death. Surely they fought the fight of the flesh, but they did not yield to it. They went beyond the flesh, and walked in the spirit with me, and I delivered them. I would say to you now, my children, and cast aside every weight so you can walk with me in the spirit. Let go of every stronghold that would hold you back. Do not despise those that are walking in the spirit. Yearn for the things of the spirit my children; yearn for them as a soul longs for the love of God. Seek after me and I will be there to see you through. Change is here saith the Lord. Brace yourself for it, and yield to my Spirit as He leads you in the path of righteousness saith the Lord.