Prophetic Word
As given to Helen Sanders
April 20, 2016

You would ask is this the time, and I would say that time is in my hands. I am preparing and I am implementing what will come to my earth soon. For nation will rise against nation, and there shall be floods, and earthquakes, there shall be pestilence and violence like you have never seen before. I am bringing the shaking and the fires to my earth, and I will see to it that all things are purified. There is a great shaking going on, have I not told you that? Why would you be surprised to see these things happening? I am in the shaking saith the Lord, and I will see things shaken until they cannot be shaken anymore. You shall see things come to dust that stood tall, and you shall see things become tall that many took for dust. You will see these things with your eyes, and my word shall be carried out. I am preparing and I am in the times. I shall say it again, I am preparing and I am in the times. These events are being played out on my schedule, and not on man's time frame. You are seeing things as prophesied of old, and yes, they shall surely come to pass before that great and terrible day of the Lord. Things are changing rapidly, and they shall surely speed up saith the Lord, you will see these things change, and you will tell others of the magnitude of my power, for nothing can stop the shaking, for I have declared it, and I have spoken, and it shall surely come to pass. Your nation has crossed over the threshold of its destiny, and you shall see it fall, and then from the dust there will be a rising, and there are many that will stay the course, but there are many who have called me Lord that shall perish. For I test the heart, and the heart that stays the course is the heart that is mine saith the Lord. It will not be the ones that have said it in their minds, but have never received it into their hearts. Those that are of my heart desire to change, and they are the ones that shall see these things through, just as the days where the three went into the fiery furnace and received no smoke or burning on them, the same thing shall happen to those of my heart. They shall be in the fire but not be burned. They shall not smell of smoke. But these three spent time with me, and did not compromise. They did not love their lives unto death. Surely they fought the fight of the flesh, but they did not yield to it. They went beyond the flesh, and walked in the spirit with me, and I delivered them. I would say to you now, my children, and cast aside every weight so you can walk with me in the spirit. Let go of every stronghold that would hold you back. Do not despise those that are walking in the spirit. Yearn for the things of the spirit my children; yearn for them as a soul longs for the love of God. Seek after me and I will be there to see you through. Change is here saith the Lord. Brace yourself for it, and yield to my Spirit as He leads you in the path of righteousness saith the Lord.