The Seed of the Serpent

May 6, 2018

Pastor Helen Sanders shares the message "Fill your horn with oil"  Samuel was trapped in grief over Saul, yet God had rejected Saul.  How often do we let the dead things control our lives?  We must let go of what God is finished with to go on to our next assignment.  Be blessed as you watch!

   A message on the Good Samaritan and how this passage relates to how we treat people in our own lives.

This message was preached on April 1, 2018, Resurrection Day.  Take off the grave clothes and leave the death behind.  

The disciples were with Jesus for over three years, but they did not understand his mission.  He told them of his impending death, yet they didn't understand what he was saying to them.  When he died they scattered in fear.  They  had forgotten what he said!  How often we also forget God's promises and hold on to the old things that are full of death.  It is time to let them go and rise up in new life.  Be blessed as you watch this message.

Pastor Helen Sanders shares from Mark 16 about preparation.  Are you prepared?  

March 11, 2018 with Vickie Summers sharing from II Timothy.  The Apostle Paul encourages Timothy, and therefore it encourages us as believers!  Enjoy this anointed message!

Lukewarm Christianity

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